1. TWHA shall provide Year End Awards for all Mandatory classes and for those Optional classes which are held at 50% or more TWHA approved shows. To be eligible for TWHA Year End Awards the exhibitor must be a member in good standing. The horse MUST be registered with the TWHA Awards Secretary on the standard form provided. All horses registered in mid-season must be registered in writing on the proper horse registration form. NO OTHER FORM OF REGISTRATION WILL BE ACCEPTED. A minimum of 50% participation in any given class is required to be eligible for a Year End Award. Participation will be counted toward the horse unless the said class is judged on the rider, in which case participation counts on the rider. The horse or rider (if class is judged on the rider) receiving the greatest number of points in a class will receive Grand Champion Award, with the second place horse or rider receiving a Reserve Champion Award.

2. Showing at a minimum of the TWHA-sanctioned shows will be required to qualify for yearend awards. At the beginning of each show season, the Board of Directors will determine the minimum number of shows needed to qualify for year-end awards, based on the number of sanctioned shows on the year’s show calendar. This minimum number of shows may be revised to a lower number at the discretion of the Board should exceptional circumstances arise during the show season.

3. Points shall be awarded in each class as follows:

1st Place -5 points
2nd Place -4 points
3rd Place -3 points
4th Place -2 points
5th Place -1 point
(changed back to this structure 2017)

​4. Points will accumulate for only the TWHA designated Mandatory and Optional Classes voted on at the beginning of each calendar year and will also accumulate toward the year-end overall high point.

5. Points are awarded to the horse in all classes except Novice Rider, Horsemanship, Showmanship, English Equitation & Western Horsemanship all of which are awarded to the exhibitors.

6. Awards shall be presented as follows:

1st Place - Award & Blue Ribbon
2nd Place - Red Ribbon
3rd Place - Yellow Ribbon
4th Place - White Ribbon
5th Place - Pink Ribbon
6th Place – Green Ribbon

Also, if a promoter chooses not to present a “Ribbon”, an appropriate award would be given in the same color (i.e. cup, koozie). The awards must be specified by promoters and approved by the Board of Directors. This shall be followed regardless of the number of entries in the class. First place awards in 10 & under and Novice Rider/Horse Classes will be trophies and/or plaques.

7. Seventy-five percent (75%) pay back classes shall be as follows:

1-5 horses 1 money (100%)
6-10 horses 2 monies (60%, 40%))
11-15 horses 3 monies (50%, 30%, 20%)
16-20 horses 4 monies (40%, 30%, 20%, and 10%)
25-30 horses 5 monies (40%, 30%, 15%, 10%, and 5%)


8. At the end of show season Mandatory Classes will be reviewed. A lack of participation can result in the class being removed from the Mandatory Class list and put on the Optional Class list. The Mandatory and Optional Class lists will be reviewed in January of each year and an updated list will be published by March in the Newsletter.

9. Optional Classes are not required for any TWHA Approved Shows. However, Year End Awards will be given if fifty (50) percent of the TWHA approved shows offer these classes. A minimum of 50% participation in any optional class is required to be eligible for yearend awards. This is based on the number of times the class was held. (Ex. If the class was held 8 times (50%of the shows), an exhibitor has to enter the class 4 times.)

10. If an Optional Class is not on the printed, mailed-out class list, but added the day of the Horse Show, this class will not receive points toward the Year End Awards.

11. The Show Chairman may hold any class not listed on the Mandatory and Optional Class Lists, but the TWHA Awards Secretary will not tabulate points on such class.

12. If any Horse or Exhibitor is found not eligible to be in the class in question, the exhibitor/horse will be disqualified for that classes and no points will be awarded. If the exhibitor/horse is awarded a placing then the placing will be removed from the points structure and any one scoring points under that placing will be moved up and points awarded accordingly. All Novice Horses/Riders must be indicated as such on the official TWHA membership form and filed with the Awards Secretary prior to showing.

13. In the case of a tie regarding high point winners (High point at an individual show or year-end awards) – the winner will be determined by the exhibitor/horse that has entered the greatest number of classes.

14. An Updated Points spreadsheet will be posted to the “Points” page of the website within 14 days of each show. This will be Class placings only, no overall standings will be posted but can be requested from the Points Secretary at any time during the year. The spread sheet will show the number of points that you received in that class at that show. If your points are indicated as a “0”, that shows that you participated in the class but did not score points and you were given credit for that class attendance towards the 50% participation rule for year-end awards. (Rule Change - 2016).

Please contact your Awards/Points Secretary at any time with questions regarding points.


1. High Point & Reserve Halter

2. High Point & Reserve High Point Adult* - WESTERN
3. High Point & Reserve High Point Youth* - WESTERN

4. High Point & Reserve High Point Adult* - HUNT SEAT
5. High Point & Reserve High Point Youth * - HUNT SEAT

6. High Point & Reserve High Point Adult* - SADDLE SEAT
7. High Point & Reserve High Point Youth * - SADDLE SEAT

8. High Point & Reserve High Point Adult* - WORKING WESTERN
9. High Point & Reserve High Point Youth * - WORKING WESTERN

10. Individual Mandatory/Optional High Point & Reserve

11. TWHA “Super Team” Challenge Trophy

12. Youth Sportsmanship Award
13. Spark Plug Award
14. People's Choice Award
15. Special Medal Awards
16. Arabian/Half Arabian Overall High Point Horse
17. Arabian/Half Arabian Overall High Point Rider
18. Youth Participation Award Program
If you have any photos from TWHA shows that you would like to see on our website, please forward them to scootin4me@yahoo.com. We would love to post them for you.
Go to the forms page and fill out your application and submit it with payment before the first show to ensure your points are counted.
TWHA Points and Awards
Show #       Show Name                                   Show Date

Show #1     TWHA Youth Show                        Sat 13-May-17
Show #2     TWHA Youth Show                        Sun 14-May-17
Show #3     NCAHA Summer Extravaganza     Sat 24-Jun-17
Show #4     NCAHA Summer Extravaganza     Sun 25-Jun-17
Show #5     May Days in July                            Sat 15-Jul-17
Show #6     May Days in July                            Sun 16-Jul-17
Show #7     Circle K Ranch                                       2-Sep-17
Show #8     Circle K Ranch                                       7-Oct-17

Must attend 4 shows to Qualify